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Adam has been interested in police work since he was a kid.  Something about zooming around catching crooks and standing up to bullies always appealed to him.  After college, he joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and spent three years working at a shelter for homeless teenagers in Houston before beginning a career in public safety.  A native Midwesterner, he started out his police career in Milwaukee and was an officer there for seven years.  He’s currently a sergeant with the San Francisco PD.  During his nineteen years on the job, he’s worked street crimes, plainclothes, Vice, the midnight shift, and the foot beat.  He has been a Field Training Officer and a detective.  He is currently a street sergeant assigned to Mission Station.  He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and children.  He is currently at work on a novel.

Notebook and Pen
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I grew up in the Midwest and tricked Marquette University into giving me an English Writing Intensive Degree.  Then I got into law enforcement because I figured, among other things, that's where some good stories could be found.  I think I was right about that.

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